Jay's AIM was created to spread awareness of cardiac conditions that if undiagnosed can lead to sudden cardiac arrest in the young. We believe that face to face visits are the best way to do this and our aim is to educate as many of the young and active people who live in the South West of England as possible on the topic.  


Our presentations are sports-based and make the positive short- and long-term benefits of playing sport clear.  By raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of cardiac risk and the screening opportunities available to young people we hope that everyone can stay safe taking part in the activity they love.


Our presentations give people the facts they need to make their own choices.  We would never pressure someone to attend a screening event or to take part in any other aspect of this charity's work.  If you would like to know more, or to discuss a potential visit, please use the 'Contact' page to get in touch.


Many life threatening cardiac conditions become problematic from adolescence onwards.  This makes schools and colleges the perfect environments for Jay's AIM to raise awareness.  Having worked in education for over 10 years we are experienced in speaking to young people and taking large groups of students for assemblies and presentations.  Our presentations are interactive, up to date and relevant.  We would normally look to speak to students in Year 10 upwards but can discuss visiting younger students if you feel a visit would be relevant.  We are fully DBS checked and have up to date training in safeguarding.

Sports Clubs

We are always grateful to be invited into sports clubs and can tailor a presentation to suit your individual needs and wants.  This can range from a full presentation to an informal chat before a training session.  We can speak to junior club members and senior club members together or separately depending on your requirements.   We find that sports clubs are often very generous at volunteering their time for fundraising and can therefore also visit to discuss volunteering opportunities should you wish.


Workplace health and the wellbeing of employees is an area that is taken very seriously.  Jay's AIM welcomes the opportunity to spread awareness to businesses.  We are particularly keen to present to young and active workforces that have a physical aspect to their roles.