We believe that fund raising should be fun!  We don't mind how you do it and appreciate any form of fundraising big or small.  Because we are only a small charity we can personally help and support our volunteers' ideas, however unusual or wacky they might be.  If you have an idea that you want to run by us, or need support with,  please use the 'Contact' page to let us know.  A sponsorship form can also be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


Because of the nature of our charity, we would strongly recommend that all fundraisers partaking in sports-based activities should attend a cardiac screening session or ask for an ECG from their doctor before starting their fundraining activity.

Individuals - you can do it on your own!

The fundraising choices are endless for individuals.  People are normally happy to donate to any activity that puts you outside of your comfort zone or requires you to go above and beyond what you are normally capable of.  Our news page  often has details of activities and events that we have sourced from event organisers, which means that sometimes entry is completely free for volunteers.  So whats stopping you?  If you have always fancied running that marathon, trying a skydive or attempting a silly world record, nows the time to give it a go!

Schools - Whether a teacher or student, you can all help!



Schools are a great place to fundraise as your fellow students provide a captive audience! Pupils are often looking for things to do at break times and lunch times so this provides a great opportunity to run many events.  Could you run a tuck shop or cake sale?  Could you put on a show, talent contest or organise a sports event such as a football tournament that people pay a small fee to attend or enter?  Would friends sponsor you to cut your hair off or to take on a challenge throughout the day such as a silence?  However, don't forget to check with a teacher that your fundraising idea is acceptable before collecting any sponsors!



By putting on an event or organising a non-uniform day not only are you benefitting our charity with the funds raised, but you are also playing your part in raising awareness of heart conditions in the young.  We would be very grateful to be considered when you are deciding on the charitable beneficiaries of whole school concerts, sports events and non-uniform days.  If needed we can provide support with information  to parents and stakeholders on the objectives of the charity and can be present during events to promote our cause.



We are grateful of any support from businesses and would be happy to discuss the possibility of being affiliated to your establishment.  Businesses can sometimes provide materials, resources, advertisement and skills at a lower price than normal which can also be beneficial to us.  Donations of products from shops and businesses help us to make funds from raffles and auctions that take place during the year. 

Sports Clubs

The close relationship our charity has to sport means that we are always appreciative of the help sports clubs can give.  Clubs such as running clubs lend themselves to sponsorship and we can provide free t-shirts to help raise awareness of our charity whilst you run.  Youth sports teams can support us in the community by taking part in car washes, village fetes and bag packs at supermarkets.  Senior teams can support us through their end of season dinner and dances, charity day events and whole team challenges.

Start fundraising now by downloading our sponsor form!